Are Granite Countertops in Brampton Homes an Investment?

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Incredibly Durable Granite Countertops for Beautiful Brampton Homes

When deciding on countertops for a home, be sure to assess the benefits of natural stone countertops, granite in particular. With all of the positive attributes carried by stone counter surfaces, it is easy to see why many modern Brampton homes are being designed with this finish. Granite countertops carry an elegant style and long-lasting appeal and are also incredibly durable.

Advantages of Choosing Granite

Granite stands the test of time – Historically, granite was used to build the third largest pyramid in Egypt. Known as the ‘red pyramid', it has a shade of pink when the light hits it, due to the granite. Granite is a large and very dense rock that can last centuries. This fact can be transferred over to a slab countertop and be guaranteed to last without compromising structural integrity.
Stone countertops are known to also stand the test of time from a design and home décor point of view. Never going out of style, they maintain a beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated look with a slight classic feel. The large rocks can be formed into many shapes and sizes using the latest technology in natural rock custom design. Granite also contains at least 20 per cent quartz which is responsible for a glimmering and shiny surface of the finished product.
Scratch resistant surface – All kitchen countertops are supposed to withstand the beating we put them through each day, but not many do. After a while, they develop irreversible scratches, scuffs, and stains that can only be repaired by being replaced. Granite countertop slabs are scratch resistant due to their very dense and strong nature. The buffing and curing process makes the surface very smooth and polished which allows for the scratch resistant layer and won't damage knives and other cooking utensils.
Add value to the home – Although the decision to go with granite countertops for your Brampton home may cost slightly more than its competitors, it is nice to know that granite will actually add monetary value to a house when it comes time to be put up for sale.
Heat resistant – Granite countertops, unlike most other materials (linoleum, ceramic, wood, etc), is not sensitive to being exposed to heat. Putting a hot pot, or pan directly on the granite surface will not burn, scar, or discolour, making it one of the only heat resistant kitchen counters on the market.
Speaking with an industry specialist can help with making the proper selection. There are many different colours and styles to choose from, therefore this process is made easier with the help of a pro.
Whether it be for a home renovation or a new home with personalized design, investing in granite countertops for your Brampton home will be a wise investment!